Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Which one is the Blue Raja?

Here's a hint: he's the dumber one.

Believe it or not, I honestly couldn't tell at first. I was equally attracted to both of them.


Chris Pixley said...

on the right, his theological positions notwithstanding ;-)

Paul Lamey said...

Uh, that one right there.

Rose~ said...

Neither. The Blue Raja is never seen without his forks.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I just like the soul patch.

marc said...

Which is the one one Phil Johnson likes?

ScottyB said...

i think i met one of you at Villa La Paz one night i cant remember which

TheBlueRaja said...


There's clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right; here I am, stuck in the middle with . . . now, where were you again?


Deictic ambiguity . . . are you postmodern?


Look under the hat. Forks aplenty.


You should seriously consider growing one. My wife thinks its pretty hot. On second thought, don't grow one.


The one not depicted here.


Sameer and I both have known slum life, but if you met a handsome Indian in Villa La Paz after 2001, it was probably Sameer.

TheBlueRaja said...

Has anyone actually tried clicking the picture yet?

Chris Tilling said...

Hey, a talking picy!

Daniel said...

The guy on the right, clearly - look at the glasses!

Sameer said...

You'd think that I have some sort of privileged internal access to my own identity, but it actually took me a minute to figure out which one I was!

Rich Ryan said...

Which one likes to drink coffee at the Getty? That's the clue.

P.S. What in the world is the Raja saying in that video clip? All I can make out is..."There it is" at the end.

Sameer said...

Rich, the line (from the movie that inspired Sharad's avatar) is,

"Your son's a limey fork-flinger mother. Hard cheese to swallow, I know -- but there it is."

It would probably be I who you've seen at the Getty. Actually, I don't think Sharad has ever been there, despite a 3 year residence in So. Cal. (Shameful!)

ThirstyDavid said...

I can't understand it. I even reversed it and listened to it backwards. It's not backwards. Anyway, you're the one in the cap.

Tony Myles said...

Um... the one in blue.

Rich Ryan said...

Thanks Sameer - In a millennium I would never have figured that line out.

BTW - my coffee post was in reference to the now VERY famous chapel comment..."My favorite memory from TMS was drinking coffee at the Getty with Sameer."

Remember that?

Sameer said...


I confess that the only reason I can quote that line is because of how many times I've seen *Mystery Men* -- only genetic encoding could ensure that Sharad and I would be so perpetually amused by such a dumb movie.

Now, about that TMS Chapel quote -- I don't remember it! Who said it, what was the context? I helped you out with YOUR enigmatic quote; now it's your turn!

Rich Ryan said...

Sameer -

Not sure who the guy was. I think his name was Brian. I was only a newbie at TMS when the grads were giving testimonies and one guy (sort of avant guard looking (as in not normal TMS attire), dark square glasses, short hair - I think he had a gotee)
made that comment.

I was sitting behind Mayhue when he said that. I swear I saw the hairs on his DM's neck stand on end and I heard his pulse race when he said it.

It was not the normal fare for TMS grad testimonies.

Funny thing is, he makes the comment and all I can remember is your name in the equation. LOL! Talk about taking the rap. ;o)

Any of that ring a bell?

Sameer said...


Oh yeah, it's sort of coming back to me now.

TMS testimonies - yeah, I remember those days. I think it was shortly after the particular instance you mention that a formal declaration was handed down banning the use of humor.

Thanks for the injection of nostalgia!