Sunday, February 12, 2006

Some More Reflections on TMS and Emergent . . .

  • Given the response to my comments in a previous post about the TMS faculty series on Emergent, I thought I'd post a few links to throw attention elsewhere and distract from my daring helicopter escape:

  • Andy Snider's getting the emergent church hysteria out of his system here and here. Andy's a good guy. Check it out.

  • There have been a few posts on The Boar's Head Tavern, including this and this. The iMonk himself bestows some kindly sympathy upon the Raja.

  • Though I've never met him, there's something I really like about Scott Zeller in the various posts I've read. Check out his thoughts here.

  • Apparently these lectures have already made their way to Germany (!) where Danny Gandy has posted his brief appraisal (translation courtesy of Babelfish).


Rose~ said...

(last parargraph) "...made their way to Germnay..."

from: your friendly neighborhood proofreader.

Hi Sharad!

TheBlueRaja said...

Aack! Thanks Rose! Consider the personification now properly locuted.

scott zeller said...

See also my siblings insightful comments at

I think he says what I was saying plus a little.

I enjoy your blog, keep it up.


TheBlueRaja said...

Thanks, Scott! Although I've thought about hanging it up recently, I think I will probably keep blogging!