Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Blue Raja at the BHT

I'll probably still make the odd post here, too.

I know. Shut up.


Even So... said...

Welcome back, Blue!

BugBlaster said...

Well, I know I said I'd read you if you came back, but I can't do it at BHT. I've tried, but I can't follow the conversation at that place. Too disjointed and rapidfire. But I'll read you occasional posts here. See ya.

marc said...

I knew you'd be back... but the BHT? Man, you are just going to reinforce everything Phil has ever thought about you ;-)

TheBlueRaja said...

Even so,

Glad to be back! Thanks!


Yeah it's a bit manic over there, isn't it? But for my schedule it's perfect. I do hope to post a few essays here in the future, though - thanks for reading!


Hey, like I told Phil - if TeamPyro invited me, I'd be there! BHT offered first, and my mom taught me . . . stuff. Anyway, seems like a real fun, interesting bunch of characters over there. Can't wait to get to know them!

By the by, my wife and I are very seriously thinking of coming to the DG conference this September - is your offer still on the table (because if it is, maybe WE'LL be at your table)?


marc said...

The offer is open, let me know as soon as you are sure you're coming so, in my manic generousity, I don't offer my home to too many others.

wulffenstein said...

Raja, good to see you back.

I am looking forward to the DG conference. I am trying to take my major leadership with me. I also got Wells book to do a little pre-reading.

Welcome back.