Saturday, November 25, 2006

"What the hail, Mary?! Where've you been?!"

Father forgive me, it's been almost two months since my last confession.

I keep wondering if I should just give up the ghost on this thing. It reminds me of my first few years of marriage, where I was making promises with every intent on fulfilling them, but never actually getting around to it. But I didn't pull the plug on THAT, now did I? So (look out, here comes another vain promise), I'll try to keep posting here more regularly (than never, that is). I've been thinking about posting a targum on Galatians 1, a commentary on the Haggard thing, an essay on video gaming, a reflection on Richard Dawkins, a diatribe about the Christian academy, a review of some of the books I mentioned in my last post, and a confession about my laziness.

One post down, six to go (not that any of them will be what I've mentioned here). Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear your thoughts on Haggard and video gaming.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear the diatribe about the Christian academy.


TheBlueRaja said...

You've already heard it. Pretty standard stuff, really. Here's Scot McKnight's comments that get at some of what I might say:

"I think young scholars should find their scholarly orientation in the context of the Church and in the context, more particularly, of a local church. I do not think there is such a thing as “bracketing” off faith as one seeks to understand the Bible – to bracket off faith is to play a game that leads, actually, away from faith for it teaches the bracketing scholar how to think apart from faith – and one ends up where one starts: without faith."

I'd add that there's a sort of scholarship that gives lip-service to faith, to the church, and to Christian tradition without taking all of that very seriously. Here's another quote, this one from Thomas C. Oden in Requiem: A Lament in 3 Movements, that I'd put into service:

I am protesting a lockout of other voices that do not fit the politically correct grid. I plead only that the politically incorrect may also be admitted into the game. The inquisition going on today is not by traditionalists but by inquisitors who describe themselves as liberated."

And again:

"It seems worth noting that the liberated seminary at its zenith has finally achieved a condition that has never before prevailed in Christian history: Heresy simply does not exist."

TheBlueRaja said...

I'd probably also link this post by Ben Witherington III, by the way.