Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Greek students will be familiar with the above title as a form of the word "love". Okay, that's actually "phileo" (pronounced "phil-eh-oh") - but in any case, the word refers to friendship and it's in that light I'd like to explain the deletion of my previous post entitled "Can't We Get Along Damn it?!" In this obviously peaceful excursion I tried to demonstrate what I felt to be shortcomings in the PyroManiac's various theological scuffles, particularly with the emergent Church and the New Perspective. In it I intimated that Phil's frustration with continuationists in the cessationist debate is the very same frustration felt by his opponents in these other positions, and (more importantly), that the admonitions he gave to continuationists might help to improve the debate in these areas as well. Aren't I clever?

Not everyone thought so. Probably the least clever thing about my post, though, was the public way in which I drew attention to Phil's shortcomings, which (especially after seeing his response) I now realize was somewhat un-classy and even less helpful for him than I feared it may be. In any case a retraction is certainly in order. It was severely rash to post something like that just because irony can be so fun. If, in this post, Phil is now enjoying some irony of his own, he can thank me later. I have been unkind more than once in his "comments" section in the past, and doubtless this wasn't the best way to renew my complaints. Seeing how it's proven so difficult for me to point out the problems with the PyroManiac's approach without offending:

Forgive me, Phil.

But take a lesson from me and don't get too greedy in enjoying the irony. Just to be clear, I don't think the irony is the way I "mischaracterized" your handling of issues like the New Perspective and Emergent - it's in the fact that I was so unkind as to point it out in such a public, unconstructive way.


metalepsis said...

Now I know why you ended up as President Palmer!

Jerry Wragg said...

Raj -
The "greek word" comment was very clever!!!

Thanks for your candor...

Your friend

Sled Dog said...

I've found, for me at least, that one of the keys of blogging commentary is to focus on the facts, not the person. It can be difficult, though, as many attempt to make "ad hominium" remarks to draw attention away from the actual issues of debate. The purpose of this is to turn a logical debate into an emotional debate.

Another problem is that we can become a bit snarky in our responses. This reveals that we are sometimes tempted to be more concerned about being cute and clever. It is lacking in love. It goes against Biblical Christian conduct.

Sled Dog said...

Just a follow up...

I came across this quote today, and thought it related:

"Logic has fallen into severe disfavor and people are quite startled when they are confronted with it." - Rebecca Merrill Groothuis

marc said...


I think you owe me an apology now. I don't come up with witty comments and spend vauable time posting them on your blog just to have them deleted. I think you need to spend some time in prayer and reflection about this... I'll be expecting a lengthy, repentent post soon.

TheBlueRaja said...


Because I'm a minority?


You're welcome.


I don't think facts is a category that can be isolated from people. There are, for instance, facts about people. I also don't think my previous post was somehow "emotional" and not "logical". Pointing out what I believe to be poor reasoning isn't ad hominem. Point taken about being clever, cute and snarky, though. I should point out, however that my wife thinks it's sexy.


I'd like to formally offer you my deepest bowel-felt apologies for any pain I've brought upon you, your family, friends and affiliated organizations. I plan to finanically compensate you once the sponsors of this blog start coughing up the cash. Also, in lieu of a lengthy post I'll be writing a poem to be recited between sobs of remorse which you can download and play at your leisure.

Sled Dog said...


I wasn't talking 'bout you. Just more of an overall perspective of blogdom. Sorry if you thought I was critiqueing you. I'm even good with a bit of tongue-in-cheek give and take.

I do believe that some of the blogs of the more well-known Christian writers are becoming more well known for the persona of the bloggers, and less for the information transmitted. We have Pyros, Bulldogs, and the like.

And I'm glad you're wife finds you sexy!

Jonathan Moorhead said...

How will you do penance?

TheBlueRaja said...

I was thinking of riding a bicycle through the cobblestoned streets of Old London - without the seat. Any suggestions?

Sameer said...

I think that your punishment should be logging in at least 250 hours of reading time on Biblical Discernment Ministries

Spending that much time immersed in wrangling should have a similar effect to the punishment of smoking 3 packs of ciagarettes in under an hour when caught smoking as a kid.

metalepsis said...

Because Jack would have never taken that post down!

marc said...

apology accepted

TheBlueRaja said...


I guess I COULD have thrown Phil into an unmarked SUV, interrogated him between gunshots to his extremeties, and forced him to agree to my previous post . . . but I don't own an SUV.